Open enrollment is up and borrowing is down as the Green Lake School District continues to follow a positive trend for the district.

   The tentative budget for the district was unanimously approved last week Wednesday night during its annual meeting.

   Green Lake School Accounts Manager Tom Archambo noted to the Commonwealth “it was a good financial year.”

   He explained the district is cutting its short-term borrowing by more than half, from $900,000 last year to an estimated $400,000 this year. A drop in borrowing is not new to the district; it has been steadily decreasing its short-term borrowing over the years from $1.4 million three years ago and $1.1 million two years ago.

   The School Board is expected to agree to borrow the $400,000 at its meeting Wednesday, Sept. 18.

   Archambo pointed to open enrollment as the source of the district’s positive financial health.

   Read the full story, including information on the district's predicted mill rate for this next year, in the Sept. 12, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.