A Ripon man accused of sexually assaulting children was found guilty last week Friday, and has been sentenced to decades in prison.

   Terry L. Phelps, 58, of Ripon was facing 43 counts:

  • Five counts of repeated sexual assault of a child (class C felony)
  • Six counts of physical abuse of a child-repeated acts causing bodily harm (class E felony)
  • Nine counts of exposing intimate parts (class D felony)
  • Seven counts of child enticement (class D felony)
  • One count of causing a child younger than 13 to view/listen to sexual activity (class F felony)
  • One count of exposing genitals (class I felony)
  • Five counts of manufacture/ deliver marijuana (class I felony), with an enhancer for allegedly distributing it to a child at least three years younger than him
  • Five counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child (misdemeanor)
  • One count of felony intimidation of a victim (class G felony)
  • Two counts of misdemeanor intimidation of a victim
  • One count of first-degree child sexual assault-sexual contact with a child under age 13 (class B felony).

   During a plea/sentencing hearing last week Friday, Phelps entered pleas to six felony counts involving sexual assault and physical abuse of a child. The other charges were dismissed but read in for sentencing.

   Phelps then was found guilty and sentenced with 43 years, bifurcated into 30 years in prison with 13 years of extended supervision. As part of the conditions of the sentence, he can have no contact with any of the victims.

   According to a press release from Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney, Phelps also received 126 days of sentence credit for time spent in custody prior to sentencing.

   “We are all so proud of these survivors for having the courage to come forward and share their stories with law enforcement,” Toney said. “No amount of prison can take away the trauma and pain of what happened but their courage in coming forward allowed this dangerous predator to be taken off our streets and help ensure other children are forever protected from him.”

   Read the full story in the Aug. 8, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.