Though the swimming advisory for Dodge Memorial Park beach was lifted last week Thursday, another issue is ailing Big Green Lake: swimmer’s itch.

   The Green Lake Association (GLA) and the Green Lake County Health Department have received dozens of reports of swimmer’s itch from area denizens.

   “We put a link to a Google Doc on Facebook and then also in an ‘e-blast’ that we sent out so people can respond and report where they were swimming when they got swimmer’s itch. So far, there have been 85 responses,” said Jennifer Fjelsted, GLA’s communication and project manager, last week Friday.

   By Monday night, Stephanie Prellwitz, executive director of the GLA, noted the organization had received more responses, totaling 92.

   She explained some of the responses concerned multiple people getting swimmer’s itch, meaning there are more than 120 self-reported cases.

   Green Lake County health officer Kathy Munsey noted it’s unprecedented for Green Lake to have that many reported cases of swimmer’s itch, which is only one of the problems that seems to plague the lake this summer.

   “We maybe get one or two cases a year; this has been an unusual year — we’ve never had this many calls and issues,” she said. “It could just be because of the weather; I mean, typically, we see the E. coli levels go up after rainfalls and as you notice, we had no rain again, and it’s been perfectly fine. So it does seem to trend based on the amount of rainfall we have. But, yeah, this has been an unusual summer; this is not typical for Green Lake.”

   Read the full story, including ways to avoid getting swimmer's itch, in the July 18, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.