Big Green Lake is sporting one less boat landing this summer.

   The town of Brooklyn Board unanimously voted July 9 to discontinue use of Duering’s Landing, located at the east end of Illinois Avenue.

   According to Chairman Mike Wuest, the landing had several issues, which are why the board voted to discontinue the use of the landing as a boat launch.

   “It’s in disrepair,” he said. “It’s so shallow there that ... a dinghy is about all you can launch off from there. You can’t get into it with a trailer decent.”

   He explained the Green Lake Conservancy approached the town board about putting up signs and creating a boat wash station at the landing.

   “Well, like I said about the biggest thing you can get off in there is about a 10-foot rowboat without a motor on it, so we said, ‘Well, it’s in such disrepair, we’d have to dredge that out and then deal with the Army Corps of Engineers and the DNR and redo that whole landing and stick a whole lot of money into it. And it would serve its purpose only to a few people because it’s so small,’” Wuest said. “So we decided ... we’re going to block it off and put a sign up there that the landing is no longer in use.”

   Read the full story, including how much it would have cost to install a boat wash station, in the July 25, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.