Becca Lammers winds up for a pitch.
Becca Lammers winds up for a pitch.

   Ripon High School softball coach Rachel Minch prefers to look at the glass-half-full view of Tuesday’s contest against Kettle Moraine Lutheran (KML).

   “It was a really great game for the girls,” she said while still trying to warm up from the chilly Murray Park breeze. “They came out with a loss 2-7 to KML, but a big change was the energy they had.”

   That’s what she hopes her squad takes away from the home loss, she explained, especially after playing flat in some recent early season games.

   “They were getting hits — we had six hits to KML’s five hits in the game,” Minch said.

   Despite out-hitting their opponents, the Tigers weren’t able to put up the big numbers they wanted in the most vital category: runs.

   One problem? KML was efficient in bringing runners home.

   KML scored seven runs while leaving only four on the basepaths, whereas Ripon scored two but stranded six.

   Three errors did give KML a boost — two in the outfield, and a ball overthrown because an infielder was out of position.

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