The scouting report that Ripon head girls’ soccer coach Steve Nankervis received from other coaches on regional semifinal foe Sheboygan Falls was spot-on.

   “They definitely pressed us like everyone said they were going to, but their crosses weren’t very effective; meaning, they were just hitting them long or they just couldn’t keep them in bounds,” he said.

   Unfortunately for the Tigers, who were the No. 12 seed in a 16-team sectional bracket, Sheboygan Falls made an adjustment they had no answer for and they ended up falling 8-0 on the road.

  The Falcons were a No. 5 seed who were 16-2-1 entering the game. They ended up losing to No. 4 seed Wrightstown 1-0 in the regional championship game.

   “What was beating us was they had a dribbler that would dribble right up the middle of the field, get just inside the box and she would lay it off to the left or right or just a straight drop. That’s how they got their great looks at goal on us,” Nankervis said. “It’s how six of the eight goals were scored: it was right up the middle of the field.”

   The Ripon coach, who was pleased that the Tigers (6-12-1 overall) “did a decent job” of making the crosses less effective, noted there were areas for improvement.

   “We could have maybe stepped a little bit sooner or been better with our steps, but [they had] more skill, more strength, more speed, definitely more experience; they’ve been there, we haven’t,” he said of the attacks up the middle.

Read the full story, which includes information about the future of the team, in the June 6, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.