Ripon head coach Steve Brooks talks to his team during a timeout.
Ripon head coach Steve Brooks talks to his team during a timeout.

   Steve Brooks was not crazy about starting the season Tuesday.

   “I feel like there are so many things to put in and not enough time to kind of evaluate your kids and then do a good job of teaching things,” the Ripon High School boys’ head basketball coach said.

   That especially is the case this season as the Tigers feature a much different looking team than a season ago. They graduated five seniors, four of whom started a majority of their games last year.

   Developing that chemistry and cohesion with the new group will be the challenge for Steve Brooks.

   “The biggest thing is just getting these kids used to playing together,” he said. “For the most part, this group is now put together with kids that have some varsity experience and then a bunch of kids that don’t, but yet most of them fall into that junior, senior, mostly senior, grade level. So just having people identify with their role, get comfortable with different leadership roles and different roles within the team [will be key].”

   The Ripon head coach also noted the players will have to learn how to communicate and push each other to the point of being uncomfortable, while yet being respectful of how they go about it.

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