The Ripon High School boys’ tennis team was taken to school by perennial conference powerhouse Kohler last week Thursday as it lost in straight sets 7-0 on the road.

   While it lost convincingly in terms of scores, Ripon head coach Breck Speers noted the Tigers held their own at times during the dual.

   “We just know that there was good plays, a lot of extended points, extended games,” he said. “The score didn’t always show how close it was and our guys were fighting at each position. This is the first time Tyler [Granados] was beaten with a pretty rough score [at No. 1 singles], but even that one could have been and was closer than the score indicated.”

   The most games the Tigers won against the Blue Bombers in a set was four — which was done by Jordan Whitrock. The junior, who also won the most overall games, lost at No. 3 singles 4-6, 2-6.

   “He was up 4-3, 40-love in that first set; had he been able to clinch that game ... it would have been 5-3; he might have taken that first set and might have gone on to win the match,” Speers said. “He and Tyler have both been real fighters in singles along with Dan [Zimmerman], but Jordan is just willing to be very patient, stay out there with his opponent, wear his opponent down and just keep retrieving balls until his opponent gets discouraged and he takes the victory.”

Read the full story, which includes information on the rest of the results, in the May 9, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.