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Dickens of a Christmas 2016
Check out the Living Windows part of Dickens of a Christmas 2016 as the event is held on a new night.

Hinze honored at Lambeau
Ripon Middle School physical education teacher Nate Hinze was honored Sunday, Sept. 25 between the third and fourth quarters of the Green Bay Packers game against the Detroit Lions. Hinze was a member of the gold-medal winning USA Paralympic wheelchair basketball team a little more than a week earlier.

Amazing Basketball Tricks in Downtown Ripon
The Rim Rockers perform in downtown Ripon, Wis., during Septemberfest 2016.

Tribute: American soldiers reunite 10 years after leaving Iraq
In September 2016, the soldiers of Alpha Co., 2-127th Infantry Battalion of the Wisconsin Army National Guard, held a reunion in Waupun, WI, to mark 10 years since their return from Iraq. Ever-present in their minds was the loss of Sgt. Andrew P. Wallace, 25, Ripon, and Spc. Michael J. Wendling, 20, Mayville, who were killed in 2005 when an IED detonated near their Humvee. At the reunion, the soldiers lined up and punched out 25 pushups ... One for Wallace, one for Wendling, one for a fellow soldier who committed suicide, and 22 more for all other veterans who commit suicide every day.

Flag raised at new Ripon Middle School
A crisp, new American flag is raised over the new Ripon Middle School for the first time during a dedication ceremony on the last day of summer vacation 2016.

Cookie Daze 2016
Ripon hosted its 21st-annual Cookie Daze celebration Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016. Highlights of the event are cookie drops, bake & taste competition, rocket shot and launch pad and children's activities.

SPLAT ... Pies in the face at Barlow Park Elementary
Ripon students nail their teachers with pies in celebration of raising funds for the American Heart Association.

Teenager recites 100 digits of pi
Ripon High School freshman Kea Gustavus recites about 100 digits of pi (3.14 ...) in celebration of Pi Day.

Fatal fire at 217 Watson Street in Ripon
Watch as firefighters arrive at 217 1/2 Watson St., Ripon, and prepare to fight a fire Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016.

Fly-through of the future Storzer Center
Take a look at Ripon College's future Health and Wellness center with the architectural fly-through. Construction on the new facility will break ground in the spring of 2016 and the facility will open in 2017.

RC grad Ashley Cooper appears on "The Apprentice" with Trump
Ripon College graduate Ashley Cooper appears with Donald Trump on a season 3 episode of "The Apprentice."

Last cookie run ever at Ripon's main cookie plant
At the factory now known as ConAgra's Ripon West plant, cookies have rolled off the line ever since it was opened as Rippin' Good Cookies in 1930. On Friday, Jan. 22, the last cookies ever were produced in the plant. Watch as they are produced.

Epic dodgeball match!
Epic dodgeball match at Ripon Middle School in January 2016. Students take on the teachers in an all-out brawl. See who survives and who gets nailed!

FUNNY! Cardboard boat race
High school students build and attempt to race cardboard boats in the Ripon High School pool in Ripon, Wis. You'll be surprised to find out who succeeds and who sinks! (December 2015)

Robert Diamentis is sentenced
Robert Diamentis was sentenced Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015, in Fond du Lac County Circuit Court for the charge of negligently subjecting an individual at risk to abuse, causing death, regarding the death of his twin brother, Richard, whom he stuffed in a barrel after he died.

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