RIPON’S NEW SPLASH pad is one of many reasons to love summer in Ripon.				   Ian Stepleton photo
RIPON’S NEW SPLASH pad is one of many reasons to love summer in Ripon. Ian Stepleton photo

     Statistician extra-ordinaire Nate Silver analyzes everything imaginable.

     From sporting events to presidential races, he’s considered one of the best at statistical prognostication.

     His Twitter feed, for instance, is a fascinating grab-bag of analyses.

     But every once in a while, a string of tweets stands apart.

     One such string occurred last week Friday.

     “Months in New York City, ranked …” he wrote.

     While this may not have been the hardest-hitting topic Silver has approached, his followers met the post with no less enthusiasm than Silver’s most important Congressional race analysis.

     Is it perfect in New York in October?

     Better in April?

     The debate raged on.

     That led me to think … What are the best months in Ripon? ...

     And, yes, I’ll have a heavy anti-cold bias. Here we go:

     12) January: It’s freezing. Holidays filled with joy have passed. It’s dark. Did I mention cold? At least there’s ice fishing … for those who prefer it. But January also is devoid of anything truly Ripon-specific to enjoy, so it tumbles to the bottom of the list.

     11) February: On the upside, Valentines Day! On the downside, still frigid. If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast, maybe it’s a month where enough snow for snowmobiling or cross-country skiing ... but for the rest of us, February is just a speed-bump to better months ahead.

     10) March: Can you say, “mud?” Sure, sometimes it can be nice, but rarely can you do anything of value outdoors in Ripon. And by now, cabin fever has set in. The best thing about the month for many is spring break — and that’s all about LEAVING Ripon, not enjoying it. ...

     Did I get the order right? Feel free to disagree with me on our website,

     To read the entire column, see the Dec. 6, 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.