In the wake of bullets piercing the bodies of innocents at schools, nightclubs, hospitals, churches, office buildings, restaurants, shopping malls and universities, Americans have sent thoughts and prayers to survivors; attended town halls led by somber politicians; advocated for laws requiring universal background checks, federal licensing requirements and prohibiting gun sales to people with prior violent-crime convictions; and read an NRA tweet telling  “anti-gun doctors” to “stay in your lane.”

     Americans they know this lane, though paved by good intentions, is the road to hell.

     Ours is a gun-crazed culture.

     We literally “defend to the death” our right to bear arms using a Second Amendment adopted 227 years ago to empower militias such as those in 1776 that rebelled against the British. ...

     Our pistol-packing psyche has made us the No. 1 country for mass shootings and our rate of murder or manslaughter by firearm is the highest in the developed world. ...

     Wisconsin should reverse the step back it took seven years ago this month when it became the 49th state to arm everyday citizens by adopting concealed-carry. This won’t, on its face, prevent the next Juan Lopez from using a 9mm Glock to take the lives of a cop, doctor and a pharmacy student as he did 10 days ago at Mercy Hospital in Chicago.

     But it will start to stem the tide of a society out-of-control in its obsession with justice served at the end of a barrel.

     Ripon Police Chief Dave Lukoski seven years ago lamented the passage of concealed-carry, fearing it would change the way officers respond to domestic disputes or speeders. With more people armed, danger is heightened for police in the heat of what already are incendiary incidents.
If we want to reclaim our sanity and our children’s safety, we can save our state the next $10 million it shovels out to turn Wisconsin schools into fortresses.  

     We instead can enact a safety measure that will tell our kids and neighboring states that here in Wisconsin, we — not the NRA, not Second Amendment heretics, not bullet brain-addled psychopaths — are in control of our destinies and our children’s futures, and that we’re rolling back the notion that more guns = more sanity.

     Stop the madness. Rescind conceal-carry. Now.

— Tim Lyke

     To read the entire editorial, see the Nov. 29, 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.