To the editor:

   I read your editorial in last week’s paper titled “Silence is no antidote to mental illness” (April 4, 2017).

   In the second through fifth paragraphs, you talked about the zero bullying report from last year and how it turned out to be an “innocent oversight, with the incidents being classified in categories other than bullying.”

   You stated the district reclassified incidents to reflect that bullying occurs here and that the district became proactive by polling parents to identify incidents that previously may have gone unreported.

   I was the parent who initially wrote the letter to the editor regarding my child being bullied. The superintendent then came out and confirmed that our particular situation was indeed bullying.

   I did an open records request on my child’s school records. I also verified with the district that I did indeed have all of my child’s records.

   In reading those records, one thing stood out to me. There was not any documentation of the incidents that occurred on an almost daily basis. Not even the incident I spoke of in my letter to the editor.

   How can the district go through past incidents that never got documented, therefore never got entered into Infinite Campus, therefore, never had a chance to be miscoded? ... 

— Kim Mack
1103 Pleasant St.