To the editor:

   (Re: “Music teachers will do the shuffle,” and “District OK’s pool lobby,” March 23, 2017) It was a little over a week ago that the middle school finished their final performance of Cole Porter’s musical “Anything Goes.”

   I never got a chance to see it from the audience, but hearing it from backstage and side stage, and hearing comments from people who did see the show, I agree it was a pretty good rendition of great music, good choreography and staging of comical lines and actions delivered by approximately 60 students and assisted by the director, the music director, prop and scene construction “assistants” and crew and of course costumes, hair and makeup.

   But that is only part of why I write. Looking through the papers from the last several weeks (I’ve been busy either backstage with costuming or doing the alterations etc at home early in the morning or later at night), I read that the School Board was not going to hire a new person to replace the retiring music teacher, but rather to shuffle people around to cover the vocal program in order to save money.

   Looking further into decisions the School Board has made, I also noticed an article about a number of other projects including the proposal for a new lobby for the swimming pool, the loss of storage space with this lobby concept, which I ask, is it really necessary? ...

   But along with this, I think the thing that got me was to read in the want-ad section that the district is looking to hire a pool supervisor, hours 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., supervising lifeguards, assisting parents, and opening and closing pool. Some overtime and time off. Pay is $30 per hour ...

   For all the time spent on producing a musical show, even $15 an hour would be pretty sweet for all of us “paid” assistants who for the most part donate time, materials and money to keep within our “budget"  ...

   I shake my head and wonder exactly who is really running this show especially when the powers that be are “supposedly” so fiscally concerned about what the district has to spend and what it has to offer.

— Donna Marquart
640 E. Jackson St.