(Re: “Pavilion project selected by narrow vote,” Sept. 12, 2019) Why I voted for the Murray Park Pavilion.  

     First, I want to say that I believe all the proposals, the pavilion, the cultural center, and the senior/ community center were worthy of consideration for the Mitchell bequest.   

     However, for the following reasons, I voted to use the bequest for the pavilion and not the other projects.   

Cultural Center

     First, I think that the cost per square foot to build the first phase of the cultural center would be far more than $50 per square foot.  ...
Second, per the terms of the will/trust language, the city has to either build a non-sectarian building and “maintain it forever” or acquire more park land. ... The city isn’t going to maintain another entity’s building that it has little or no control over.

Murray Park Pavilion

     On the other hand, the Murray Park Pavilion was presented with information that demonstrated that it would enhance the quad ball diamonds at the park.  

     There are a number of issues with the pavilion at the quad diamonds now, including bad plumbing.

     While, the pavilion would not be used in the winter, it would be used during the week and on weekends which see heavy use during the late spring and into the end of the summer. ...  

— Douglas Iverson
Alderman, District 4
543 Fenton St.

     To read the entire letter, see the Sept. 19, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.