... We have become a nation that has lost the meaning of what it means to be American.

     Our sense of decency and morality has never been challenged in such a drastic way. Washington continues to be a place where the party comes first, and the nation’s needs second.

     The way the congress has sat by as atrocities happen under this administration is inexcusable. We have a leader that is the source of fake news with his habitual lying and his encouragement to those around him to lie. In the Mueller report we see evidence that there was encouragement to even break the laws of the land for his political advancement. Sadly, they were backed up with a promise of a presidential pardon. ...

     Is this really making America Great Again? ... Who is for separating children from parents as a border control policy?  ... It is disheartening that he looks to such leaders as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman as strong leaders.

— Sherman Leatherberry
572 Eureka St.

     To read the entire letter, see the May 2, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.