To the Editor:

     Nearly 500 Wisconsin residents who care deeply about the future of our water traveled to the Capitol on Feb. 8 to meet with legislators. ...

     I could see where a lawmaker who calls this his workplace might begin to look down on the common man he is supposed to be serving.

     ... We the people met in an assembly room to hear valuable talks on the many threats to our water — frac sand mining, CAFOs, pipelines — and felt the strength of people empowered for the protection of water.
Wearing my backpack and carrying a homemade poster, I hauled myself into my senator’s office. ... Into his office of leather chairs and sofas we went. I had misplaced my glasses — so we had good eye contact. There was a short but purposeful exchange of ideas about the crucial need for legislative action.

     ... We had two more meetings, both with staffers, left our statements, learned that phone calls are often more effective than emails.

     Our message: DNR’s authority has been severely compromised - the Clean Water Act violated. Cumulative impacts of high-capacity wells should be upheld based on science — not fought for in the courts.

     We need legislation that addresses the urgency for limits on water withdrawal. ...

— Elaine Swanson
People Empowered Protect (PEPL) the land of Rosendale

     To read the entire letter, see the Feb. 22, 2017 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.