The Democrat controlled House is doing nothing to stop the immigration crisis. Congress needs to acknowledge we are being invaded. Roughly 1 million Central Americans will walk through the border loopholes created and protected by courts and Congress.

     President Trump promised us while campaigning that he was going to do something about illegal immigration. He promised a wall and security on the border. He has tried to cooperate with Congress; to work with the Democrats, to change immigration with common sense legislation. He tried to use executive action/executive order, and at every turn, members of his opposition, the Democrat Party, the judiciary, stopped him. Democrats sue. Obama-appointed judges take it away.

     Democrats instead enhance and increase the sanctuary city movement. Trump says, “Okay. I’ll tell you what. Then we’ll just move all these illegals to your sanctuary cities,” and what do they say? ”You can’t do that!” But Trump is doing just that, you don’t hear about it in the mainstream media, but some 200,000 have been moved to sanctuary cities. ...

— Sallie Helmer
611 Park St.

To read the entire letter, see the June 13, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.