For the past two weeks, I have read letters to the editor in the Commonwealth that have referenced hate by the Democratic Party towards the President and others and that we lie and even carried out a presidential assassination. Wow.

     Such accusations  remind me of my mother’s admonition, “When you point a finger at somebody, you're pointing three back at yourself.”

     The word “socialist” was thrown about quite a bit. Isn't it also socialism to manipulate markets (tariffs) and then use federal money to subsidize a group hurt by that policy?

     ... In  Washington, we are witnessing a sycophantic Congressional majority who seems more interested in retaining power than finding out if our country was attacked by a foreign power.  

     Speaking of our own Congressman, I watched the hearing he participated in regarding the FBI agent in the Mueller probe.  Glenn mentioned the “Swamp” repeatedly implying that the agent was part of it.

     Isn’t 25 years as a politician being part of the “Swamp” also Glenn?  ...

— Arthur E Baseler
916 Eureka St.

     To read the entire letter, see the Aug. 2. 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.