(Re: “What is mindfulness?” Oct. 18, 2018) Well, here’s a run down on mindful education being explained by two of it’s proponents, at Ripon High, last Wednesday night.

     Representatives of Collective Wellness were on hand in Ripon last week to put a positive spin on a controversial teaching method being introduced to Ripon Elementary this year. There was a good turnout by concerned members of the area, who have done their “ homework” on mindful schools. ...

     When asked to give a descriptive rundown of what a classroom teaching lesson would look like, the panel became vague and gave a very simplistic generalization that: students just need to be “not distracted, and focus on the present moment.”

     Some of us that had done our homework knew that mindfulness involves much more, that includes: relaxation, concentration on your breath, thinking on a thought, or phrase, and hearing a sound of a bell, chime, or gong, so they can be in the present moment.

     That sounds just like Eastern meditation. In fact, it is just what the “activists” who push for mindful schools wanted. ...

— Doug Kammer
50 Wolverton Ave.

     To read the entire letter, see the Nov. 1, 2028 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.