To the Editor:

     I feel those who work to Obstruct town hall meetings and or Government business and or smash windows and burn cars and buildings and are being paid to attend these ruthless staged events should be charged with a Felony of Obstructing justice.

     We live in a world of free speech and I am all for it but when you cross that line of paying people to go to an event with the purpose of obstructing justice at town hall meetings then the person who pays those individuals should be charged with a felony and placed in prison for a 10 year minimum sentence, not house arrest, Prison. Than have all their financial assets taken once they are convicted of the Felony for funding a group for Obstruction.

     Then the Government can take those millions or billions of their dollars and use them for good things like funding our schools feeding the poor fixing our highways and bridges. ...

     I can tell you in Rural America we are fed up with these Obstructionist and we fully stand behind our legally Elected President no matter what these Obstructionist say or do to tear Him down. ...

— David Eiler

     To read the entire letter, see the March 2, 2017 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.