To the Editor:

    I think that it was wonderful to so many people attended the Ripon Historical Society meeting about Ripon’s historic districts on Thursday, March 23.
Our historic districts are recognized on the state and national level, but some are not recognized on a local level.

     I would like to share part of a letter to the editor by Susan Armour, printed in the February 24, 2017, Door County Pulse as it is very relevant to Ripon and this meeting.

     “No place really becomes a community until it is wrapped in human memory: family stories, tribal traditions, civic commemorations. In a word, no place is a community until it has some history.

     “A place without history is simply a financial transaction. I give you money, you build me a house. I go shopping in your store. In spite of the language of developers, who call their residential developments communities, and their malls ‘town centers’, without history these places are not communities.
“A community needs stories, traditions, memories, memorials.

     “It is this sense of place that connects people...”

— Pat Grahn
826 Layton Drive
Ripon Historical Society board of directors

     To read the entire letter, see the March 30, 2017 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.