(Re: “Mayor vetoes Murray Park pavilion vote,” Sept. 13, 2019 on Thank you to Mayor Will for hitting “pause” on last week’s decision to build a children’s sports pavilion. This never seemed like the best way to spend a half-million dollar gift.

     Why is it always youth sports that get the most attention in Ripon? This pavilion is a nice idea, but it will serve a small fraction of the population for a portion of the summer. The proposed Senior Center/Cultural Center proposed by Tom Rogers, Aaron Olson and the Ripon Senior Center would benefit a variety of ages, year round, right downtown.

     I’ve walked that four-way baseball field at Murray Park with my two young children several times. I do agree there’s a couple sections of concrete that are cracked or heaved. To me, this is a routine maintenance issue, not a half-million dollar gift issue. That’s like spending your father’s inheritance on groceries.

     The phrase “If you give a mouse a cookie ...” also applies here. If Ripon uses this money for the baseball fields, next thing we’ll hear is that the dugouts, fencing, bleachers and scoreboards are inadequate. I wonder where it ends. ...

— Amanda Becker
24 Tabbert Ave.

     To read the entire letter, see the Sept. 19, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.