(Re: a Facebook post referencing Dollar General’s plans to site a second store in Ripon, May 2, 2019) Quick business lesson, planning out where a new store opens takes a lot of planning and strategy.  

     Numbers are run, evaluations are made compared to what else is in the area.  They also take into account the demographic and how close another store is.  

     But this isn’t something that is done in a whim.

     I know everyone is all ‘shop local,’ but can’t we also remember that we want the unemployment rate to be low and this creates jobs?

     Maybe for someone who will now have maybe their first opportunity for insurance, or take them off state assistance and make them feel proud they are doing it on their own?

     Maybe be a 2nd job to a hard-working student or parent who wants to work hard and take care of business on their budget without anyone’s help.
Regardless what the business is and if you would shop there, right now, this business is creating jobs for people, revenue towards other businesses.  ...

— Katie Del Ponte
1071 Newbury St.

     To read the entire letter, see the May 16, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.