(Re: “Mayor vetoes Murray Park pavilion vote,” Sept. 13, 2019 on Kudos to City Council for approving the Mitchell Pavilion at Murray Park. The Council should be applauded for fiscal responsibility and for recognizing the proposal meets the requirements and intent of the gift, while addressing urgent City needs.

     The Council is elected to represent the will of their constituents. The Council listened to reason, and acted in Ripon’s best interests. The proposal garnered overwhelming support from key community organizations: Ripon College, Chamber of Commerce, Ripon Main Street, Ripon Youth Baseball / Softball, Ripon Diamond Boosters, and hundreds of petitioners. It is rare when the business community, the educational community, and the citizenry support one common goal.

     Economically, the proposal is a multi-win proposition: (1) it will be 100% completed for less than the bequest; (2) it includes maintenance reserves; (3) it will eliminate deferred maintenance; and (4) the additional tournaments will generate substantial economic impact. ...

— Thomas W. Moniz,
president, Ripon Main Street;
— Greg Dragolovich,
Ripon Chamber of Commerce;
Becki Baird, president
Ripon Youth Baseball
and Softball

     To read the entire letter, see the Sept. 19, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.