An open letter to the Ripon Common Council:

     ... I am a proud former resident of Ripon, WI.  ...

     For as long as I can remember, I rode my bike from my house out past the city line where Barlow Park Elementary School now resides to the public library as a child to take solace in many of the amenities it has to offer.  From books, movies, community programming, and a rich historical archive, the library is a treasure to the local community.  As a young child growing up in Ripon, I oftentimes found it to be my safe place; a home where I would sit down, pour over countless books about history, culture, society, and worlds beyond my imagination, and think about all I could be if I only dreamed it!  
While my family certainly had the financial means to provide me with other options to entertain myself,  there are many people that do not have that same privilege. The library is a home to so many people and it is, to say the least, a treasure of our local community.  

     I hope you will reconsider closing the library an extra day when you take this issue up in November when discussing the budget. I would not have my Ph.D., a dual master’s degree, or graduate at the top of my class from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh without the knowledge I received from the sacred halls of Ripon’s Public Library growing up.  ...

— John Erickson
West Hollywood, Calif.

     To read the entire letter, see the Oct. 25, 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.