(Re: “Home work: Historic house gets second life as family restores it publicly,” May 2, 2019) ... The atmosphere was festive around the old property.

     People were walking around in the yard and voices could be heard coming from inside.

      It was open house time at 121 Blossom St. The new owners had graciously invited the town’s people to come and take a look at the historical renovation project they were embarking upon.

      Walking up the front porch steps and opening the door, the brisk outside gave way to a warm welcome as I entered a small foyer. The main floor room felt merry with people engaged in animated conversations.

     ... the experience of looking out this window was special because this house has stood here throughout that history.
The book, “Images of America, RIPON,” on page 14, pictures this house and a view of the school, as it was in 1883. (The history of schools at that location is also shown on pages 102 through 104.)

     This house has been, and continues to be, a landmark in so many historic pictures. ...

— Edward Kuehn
Green Lake

     To read the entire letter, see the May 23, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.