Because this is scholarship time, high school seniors are filling out paperwork, writing essays, gathering transcripts, etc. Companies, individuals and organizations are receiving these applications.

     ... This process would “weed” out many applicants — including those who may work hard but not be so good at taking tests.

     So a student who is a strong student but a poor test taker could be cut off that list because of that one criteria. All while another straight-A, everything-comes-easy student, would be in that running.

      You know who will get that scholarship. You’ve basically cut out any chances for those students who may study every single day and work their tails off just to get their regular work A+ grades knowing their test scores will bring them down. ...

     At Ripon High School last year ... I was surprised to learn how many kids received multiple awards and how many kids received none.

     ... A student who doesn’t achieve a  4.0 GPA is no less deserving of an award than any other student. They all deserve a little help in gearing up for college. ...

— Tami Conlon
W13061 Locust Road

     To read the entire letter, see the April 6, 2017 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.