According to the headline in last week’s editorial page, “Bullying begins in our backyards” (July 5, 2018).

    To some degree I can agree with that concept but it is simplistic to assume that what goes on in the home is the primary factor that increases the act of bullying.

     Just because some are “so quick to accuse the district of neglect, incompetence or indifference” and are accused of “taking cheap, accusatory shots on social media” does not by any means imply that the criticism or skepticism is disrespectful, casual, or cheap as stated.

     But perhaps it might be a symptom of distrust. Don’t you think the school district deserves some skepticism, especially when they released and accepted the zero-bullying report in 2015-16 but then found that they needed to rescind that report after parents (perhaps some of those who accuse the district of neglect, etc.) objected based on what had happened to their own children?

     ... it is not just the home that needs to take action. We should also join in the calls for holding public officials accountable especially our own President who is a verbal bully.

     The home, the schools, the city, the state and the nation all have a part to play when dealing with those who find it easy to bully others. ...

— Carol Cate
N7776 Union St.

     To read the entire letter, see the July 12, 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.