On April 9th I sent the following letter to Joan Ballweg, our representative for Wisconsin district 41:
Good morning Congresswoman Ballweg,
I’d like to know your thoughts on implementing the Iowa model of redistricting in WI. I recently attended a talk by Jay Heck of WI Common Cause and that model is so logical and fiscally responsible compared to ours and was excited to hear that Governor Evers has included implementing it in his budget. I would appreciate your view on the Iowa model and if you intend to stand with Tony Evers by fighting to keep it in his budget; and if not why not.
As always thank you for your time and response.
Lisa Pauli

      Approximately three weeks later I resent my letter because it’s not like Congresswoman Ballweg to not respond to constituents.

     On May 9th The Chairs of the Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee, at the direction of legislative leaders, removed non-partisan redistricting reform from the Governor’s 2019-2021 biennium budget proposal.

     On May 10th I called Congresswoman Ballweg’s office to again follow up on my letter. They confirmed that they did receive it on April 9th and stated that perhaps the Congresswoman mistakenly deleted it from her inbox. ...

      I have yet to hear from our Congresswoman so this is a public plea to her — Congresswoman Ballweg, with redistricting reform now scratched from the budget, will you commit to district 41 that you will support stand alone legislation for reform and if not; why not? ...

— Lisa Pauli

     To read the entire letter, see the May 23, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.