Ripon High School seniors, you have much loss to lament from your final days at Ripon public schools: prom, end-of-year concerts, spring sports, to name a few.

   But this cloud that has darkened the final days of your high school career has an orange-and-black lining.

   In fact, be grateful you are graduating at this historic time.

   You are in the unique position to choose whether you’ll be a victor or victim of what your grandkids may one day call “the scourge of 2020.”

   It’s all in your perception.

   So shelve the regret at what-might-have-been, at least for now, and … celebrate!

   First, being inside a gym with 600 others on a beautiful Saturday morning in May is way overrated. Think about it. How many Ripon underclassmen envy your situation and would love to say, “I received my diploma in Barlow Park”?

Read the full editorial in the May 21, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.