Fond du Lac County officials are poised to raise your taxes, possibly next week.

     They’ll vote on extending a half-percent sales tax that they repeatedly said would end after it “saved” Mercury Marine.

     This tax is as beloved as our never-ending winter, yet even though County Board members promised the tax would stop in 2021, some of them have amnesia. They want to change the story, remove the sunset and continue reaching into our pockets forever. ...

     Don’t be fooled, folks.

     County officials had no business creating this phony entitlement and roping Ripon into it. Now some of them are blubbering because it’s finally nearing the finish line. That’s right – cry us a river over the pet projects and corporate handouts for which you’ll no longer have a slush fund.

     It’s like receiving a one-time Christmas bonus in December, then complaining in January that your salary got “cut.” That’s basically what these people are doing.

     The simple, fair solution would be putting this matter to a countywide referendum and letting the voters decide. ...

— Ald. Aaron Becker
24 Tabbert Ave.

     To read the entire letter, including Becker’s “seven myths and arguments” concerning the sales tax increase, see the March 14, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.