(Re: “Political incivility may be discouraging, but hardly unprecedented, panelists say,” September 13, 2018)  The Ripon College panel was hardly breaking news.

     The panel discussed political incivility, past and present, but without delving into its causes, attributing it to “People don’t have manners anymore” and “don’t know how to compromise.”

     We stand divided because of the prevalence of two myths promulgated by our schools, religions, media and government. These are the myths of “over-population” (Thomas Malthus) and social Darwinism (Charles Darwin). Both myths are widely accepted, consciously or unthinkingly.

     Malthus theory of “over-population” is without basis in fact. He could not imagine the huge productivity gains with the application of science and industrialization.

     True, there are about 800 million under-nourished persons worldwide. But that is the result of an economic system, capitalism, whose only metric is profit.

     Simply put, it is more profitable to exploit people (and their environment) than to feed people. ...

     Humanity’s natural impulses towards cooperation, compassion, and empathy, these moral sentiments, are thwarted by the myths of Malthus and social Darwinism in justification of a rapacious and avaricious Capitalism.

— Jerry Davidson
515 Scott St.

     To read the entire letter, see the Oct. 11, 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.