To the editor:
   (Re: “Open businesses on Sunday,” March 12, 2019). I can only assume that at this late date, March 12, she was still ignorant of the seriousness of the Coronavirus Pandemic. How that can be is inexplicable, unless one is an acolyte of Donald Trump and a devoted viewer of Fox News.

   The news of the rapid spread of this disease around the world with some countries already experiencing over 10,000 cases was readily available. The only reason the US has only reported somewhat fewer cases as of that date, is solely due to the fact of Trump’s continual denial and dismissal of a problem, his disinformation, and his refusal to take the proactive and necessary actions that any responsible leader would have taken, first among them ensuring an adequate supply of virus testing kits.

   In his hubris and arrogance, Trump had even refused a World Health Organization offer to provide testing kits. When Trump was finally persuaded (no doubt, reluctantly) that the crisis was real (at his Monday, March 16 press briefing), the US was woefully short of testing kits. As a result, the number US cases reported to date is only somewhat over 6,000. And the reason is that of the 100 US testing stations available in the US, only 3 have had sufficient testing kits.

   Imagine what the number would be if the other 97 had sufficient kits. When the testing kits finally do become available, the U.S. numbers will shoot through the roof, exceeding most of the rest of the world, probably even including China. And the reason is Trump’s recalcitrance in acknowledging the crisis. And so he spread disinformation which his followers imbibed enthusiastically.

— Jerry Davidson
515 Scott St.

Read the full letter in the March 26, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.